Voluntourism Research

VoluntourismGal is the blog of the consulting practice Lasso Communications. At Lasso we try to further the voluntourism field through helping companies with strategic decisions, marketing campaigns and research. Below is a combination of studies we have been involved in as well as some great studies we feel everyone should read.

Social Media Usage Patterns Among Travel Tour Operators


State of the Volunteer Travel Industry 2009


Volunteer Travel Insights 2009



Climate Change and Its Impact on Adventure Tourism


“Generation G – Generosity”


Sustainable Travel International’s Best Practices

stiU.S. Tourism Market Trends for Adventure Travel Companies and Destinations


Perceived Effects of International Volunteering: Reports from Alumni



Traveler’s Philanthropy: Do’s and Don’ts of Travel Giving


ATTA – SEO Releases 101 Webinar


9 thoughts on “Voluntourism Research

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  2. There is lots of talk about international or destination voluntourism, but what about staying local? Are there organizations that will host a local volunteer trip for the day/a week/whatnot in/or around your community?

  3. This is very helpful. Our organization is also embarking on a volunteer vacations program. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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