Dr. Sally Brown recently brought  to my attention a great way to differentiate the voluntourism product – combine it with yoga. The yoga customer is very similar to the voluntourism customer, so why not blend the two? Love the innovation!

As voluntourism continues to be on the cutting edge, what better way than to mix it with one of the fastest growing activities in the U.S.—-> Yoga.     Dr. Sally Brown, one of the pioneers of Voluntourism, is expanding the concept through her love of yoga and serving children in developing countries. 
A recent trip to Costa Rica with a group of 16 just cemented this love of mixing yoga, humanitarian work, and adventure travel by kayaking and ziplining through the jungles. 

Through Peace through Yoga, individuals can participate in yoga retreats with humanitarian service to Costa Rica and India.  Yoga classes are offered twice a day along with working with children in orphanages or schools in these countries.   Serving others is also called Karma Yoga.  

After traveling to over 130 countries, Dr. Brown says there is no better way to travel than immersing yourself into yoga as well as the local community.  Sally is a certified yoga teacher and enjoys teaching to all levels on many of the Peace through Yoga International Retreats. 

For more information, visit www.peacethroughyoga.com or call toll free at 866-326-6110.