26 thoughts on “Looking for Voluntourism Trips?

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  2. Hello Voluntourismgal–
    I just learned of your tweets, and look forward to following your activities. Our organization is currently offering international voluntourism programs in Tores del Paine National Park (Patagonia, Chile) and Machu Picchu Sanctuary (Peru). We are developing programs in Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) National Park (Nepal) and the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) for 2010 or 2011. Our programs bring together local communities, volunteers, NGO’s, business and government to conserve world heritage sites and promote green diplomacy. Please visit us at conservationvip.org. If you thought we would be a good addition to your list of voluntourism providers, we would be honored to be included. Cheers! Rich

  3. Hey there, Voluntourismgal

    This voluntourism operator might be worth featuring. Off the Radar (www.travelofftheradar.com) recently featured this operator, where the time that you put in will have a far greater impact than you think. It is an organization called, Wrestling the World that has set up a volunteer tourism center know as an International Village. They have many different projects going on that help wonderful people and they have so many beautiful sites to see.

    Read these articles to learn more:




  4. Hello Voluntourismgal,

    PLAY it Forward is a travel organization that combines volunteering with active outdoor adventure for a truly all-encompassing travel experience. They are currently running trips to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, and Tanzania. Travelers have the opportunity to experience and explore a country in a very unique and culturally-satisfying way. Check out http://www.pifadventures.com to learn more!

  5. Hi can you add our website? we are a non profit Volunteer abroad Organization, bookmark our website http://www.abroaderview.org

    A Broader View Volunteers Corp
    22 Countries 165 Programs

    We offer customized programs with flexible start dates. You choose when you want to volunteer work and for how long. We personalize each program to suit your skills and preferences. Regardless if you are traveling solo, with your family, on a spring break, gap year or medical mission, we can arrange a rewarding volunteer experience.

    A Broader View Volunteers Corp is a 501 c (3) tax-exempt charity. All program costs, including the cost of airfare, are tax-deductible as well as the donations from friends, family, work, church and other organization that may help you fundraising. You will receive a donation form for your fundraising.

  6. Hi,

    I have started a company last year called Global Nomadic. We offer various specialized internships, but also wholesale price Voluntoursim trips around Asia in conjunction with our new Partner Project Provider.

    I started the company last year after working for one of my now competitors. I found it quite sickening how much commission they added, and how badly they promoted the projects – pretending the projects were theirs, and getting sued all the time. After 6 months of working there, I realized I could do a much better job myself, and that there was a huge gap in the market for someone to do this properly and ethically, hence I started Global Nomadic.

    We have had a very good first year, sending over 100 volunteers, and are always looking to incorporate new projects and improve our services. We have a representative currently travelling around Central and South America meeting partners and finding new projects. he has just come through Asia, where lots of new projects have been found.
    Onwards and upwards!

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  8. Thanks for putting lots of great volunteer ideas in one place, a really useful resource! I volunteer for Think Pacific who work with rural island communities in the Fiji Islands and would be great to add our organisation; http://www.thinkpacific.com

    Think Pacific projects work side by side with Fijian communities to complete local action plans for rural Pacific villages, concentrating upon health, vital local infrastructure and sports development as well as funding training and education initiatives. We have just completed a project to build a kindergaten school and instal fresh water to Moturiki Island in Fiji, which was such a rewarding achievement.

    It’s great to see so many individuals and organistations out there, putting their time and effort into making a difference overseas.

  9. I am retired US Navy Submariner, 50 years old, and am so tired of the “rat race” and this thing called civilian life,, want to volunteer for something to help children or the elderly,,I want to find a program that needs help and join a team. I have a lot of knowledge about systems operations, farming, repairs,,what ever,,where can I look to find a company to volunteer for the next few years??

  10. ELEP is an experiential and service learning, cultural and educational organization specialized in providing customized and affordable volunteer, internship, Spanish course and cultural programs in Ecuador, South America with highest level service for individuals, groups and institutions from all over the world that are looking for experiences abroad.

  11. Hello it’s me Bimal Osti (Founder Manager) of Moonlight Children’s Home. I’m from Nepal and we have been working with European volunteers. It would be great to accept more volunteers from world wide. Is there any chance for you arrange some volunteers for us? Or is there anyone interested to work with orphan and needy children from Nepal? Please feel free to contact me at nepal.mch@gmail.com

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  14. Hi, I was wondering how you guys arrived at the list above. It’s a bit shocking to see a trip to India (via Cross Cultural Solutions) costing $4.5K for 4 weeks to VOLUNTEER MY TIME to the local community. USD4.5K is a significant amount of money here and certainly in India, so it begs the question- where exactly is the volunteer’s money going?

    From their FAQ:
    “With CCS, you don’t pay to volunteer. You pay for the assurance of living in a safe and comfortable Home-Base; an opportunity to be completely immersed in a warm and welcoming community, and to find the family that you never knew you had.

    Your program fee enables us to create an incredible breadth of Cultural Activities, from language and cooking lessons, to exclusive lectures on local culture and history. Your contribution will help to create long-term sustainable jobs paying living wages for local people, like the CCS directors, drivers, cooks, and house guards, and to make sure that they’re all expertly trained. You’ll pay so that the ingredients necessary for the CCS cook to prepare authentic, healthy cuisine are purchased locally, and to ensure that the trusty passenger van safely transporting you to and from your volunteer project each day is ready for the job. The contribution of your program fee is an investment in your international experience, and in the local economy in a community that you’ll soon call home.”

    I am unsure as to why the above is firstly even necessary (is it not better to directly funnel the above exorbitant amount back into the community??) and secondly, to counter their given example- preparing ‘authentic healthy’ Indian cuisine certainly does not require great expense.

    This organisation definitely rings some alarm bells..

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