“Voluntour” Your Way Around the World for a Year, All Expenses Paid, for a Six-Figure Salary as Jauntaroo’s Chief World Explorer

What do you think of this contest? It’s something the BBC tried to do years ago and had no success, a couple other companies tried to do something similar and got some big PR bang for it.  Does it attract the right audience to voluntourism? What is the ‘right’ audience?


New York, NY – (NewMediaWire) – August 22, 2013 – Forbes Magazine called it “possibly the best job ever”.  Condé Nast Traveler said it’s “probably the best job of all time.”  Travel website Jauntaroo is seeking a Chief World Explorer (CWE) to travel the globe for one-year and receive a $100,000 salary to share the experiences along the way through online webisodes and social media.

The itinerary is expected to comprise as many as 50 destinations, including Berlin, Calistoga, Costa Navarino, Fort Worth, the Maldives, Nassau-Paradise Island and St. Lucia.  Applications close September 15, 2013.

Entries are welcome from anywhere in the world. However, the successful applicant must speak and write English fluently as well as be at least 18 years old.  Within the last week, the CWE job posting has received media coverage from places as far afield as Israel, Romania and Macedonia.

“This is simply the best job in and around the world,” said Tom Wilson, Jauntaroo’s Chief Commercial Officer.  “But it’s not just beach walks and Mai Tais. We’re committed to environmental awareness and sustainable tourism so the successful CWE candidate must also give back to the destinations he or she visits.  We call it ‘VolunTourism,’ which might include harvest picking, keeping beaches clean, or learning about reef preservation. Even a few hours of time can help make a difference.”

Jauntaroo, who call themselves “vacation matchmakers,” will be utilizing their matchmaking skills to find the right cultural fit for the role.  Energy and enthusiasm are a plus.

Applicants must apply at Jauntaroo.com by posting a 60-second video explaining why they should be chosen.  Family and friends can show support by “liking” candidates’ profiles and videos. Jauntaroo will announce the top 50 candidates and the final five will be invited to in-person interviews.

Jauntaroo already donates $1 for each booking made through their site to “Travel With A Cause,” its philanthropic initiative supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to education, health, well-being and, of course, VolunTourism.  With their hire of the CWE role, the company is stepping up its efforts to make giving back a consideration for world travelers.

Each destination hosting the successful applicant will nominate their own program of VolunTourism activities.  Whenever the destination does not outline a program, Jauntaroo will rely on sources like its partner Live Different to recommend activities during the visit.

“We’re so proud to partner with Jauntaroo as they find their intrepid world traveler, heightening awareness of sustainable tourism in the process,” said Christal Earle, Co-Founder of Live Different.  “Our program, Hero Holiday, provides opportunities for youth to get involved in building infrastructure to strengthen some of the communities we sometimes only think of as leisure travel destinations.  Voluntourism benefits everyone involved, turning a great vacation into a meaningful, life long experience.”

Read the whole release here

2 thoughts on ““Voluntour” Your Way Around the World for a Year, All Expenses Paid, for a Six-Figure Salary as Jauntaroo’s Chief World Explorer

  1. oh dear…..I can almost see benefit of someone blogging about thier travels – tho if they can gain real insight into a country in amatter of days I for one will be astonished! BUT
    leave the place better than you found it – please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is not responsible tourism it is irresponsible and inexcusable marketing BS!

    • Yeah, I’m interested in seeing how this plays out. I could see how learning about reef preservation and putting together a short webisode on that topic can teach others some basics, so I mean, I’m not averse to that idea. But as always, I’m very interested in knowing exactly what types of *volunteer* activities they put together for each location. As you said, leave the place better than you found it!

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