The Tourism Authority of Thailand Joins Forces with Global Voluntourism Agencies

With the intention of promoting volunteer tourism in this fascinating country, Tourism Authority of Thailand has joined forces with a number of voluntourism agencies to raise awareness of the many exciting and rewarding opportunities that Thailand has to offer. TAT’s commitment to promoting voluntourism is certainly no gimmick with a view to merely boosting the tourist industry. In fact, by working in unison with new partners who specialise in volunteer tourism, TAT is helping to ensure that Thailand’s worthwhile causes receive much deserved exposure.

Check out the press release here.

2 thoughts on “The Tourism Authority of Thailand Joins Forces with Global Voluntourism Agencies

  1. would like to be reassured that a government credited programme has appropriate vulnerable children and adult protection policies in place – I am not yet convinced by this programme – that said there a couple of responsible orgs such as Coral Key and Andaman involved

  2. I had tweeted about a similar press release in May already: and now the official press release is available at–1408

    It all evolves around the competition “The Little Big Project” if I understand this well. The winner got a 2 weeks (only 2 weeks) volunteering project. Volunteering Ideas and the partners are described at

    I think that it’s a good thing when governmental bodies acknowledge through such a program that volunteering exists in their country and even try to promote it. Too often, governments raise administrative barriers. It’s a good thing that Thailand has a volunteering visa for example.

    This reminds me: In February the Environment Secretary of the Philippines also was quoted that he wants to promote voluntourism to help rebuild the environment, especially in disaster-hit areas.

    I had contacted the press service at the time to learn more, but didn’t get any reply. Does anybody know more about this?

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