Attention all PhD / Masters Thesis Voluntourism Researchers!

Daniela sent me the below, I totally agree – we get these emails all the time!
It seems that every few days I get an email from another person who is doing their PhD or masters thesis on the impacts of volunteer travel, orphanage tourism, pro-poor tourism, etc…. Is there a place on the web where all of these people can post up a list of what exactly they are focusing on in their research, as I think it would be so interesting to see where there is overlap, what people are interested in, and what gaps there are.  If there isn’t already a place for this…… how about we make this it?!?!  Let us know what you are researching as it relates to voluntourism/travelers philanthropy/or other related topics, where you are studying, and any other things you want to share!
Maybe some of you who are doing all this research want to start a blog or a share center and we can refer everyone that calls/emails us to it???

7 thoughts on “Attention all PhD / Masters Thesis Voluntourism Researchers!

  1. Hi Voluntourism Gal,

    Wonderful idea, I have been looking for something just like this so thanks Daniela for pointing me here! I am a Master’s student at Lund University, Sweden studying International Development and Management. As part of our Master’s, we complete an internship abroad, as well as do field data collection for our thesis. I struggled with finding a topic for my thesis, but I came across “Cambodia’s Orphan Business” by Juliana Ruhfus and have since become interested in the possible harm of voluntourism, specifically when it comes to orphan (mis)management and vulnerable children.

    Although I have not yet secured an internship in Cambodia, I am still planning to complete my research there and will be in Cambodia from September 2013 to March 2014. I was wondering if someone could help me. I am curious as to whether there is a particular angle to the topic that is misunderstood or vastly under-researched. I would love any assistance you could offer as to how to narrow down the topic and ensure it is relevant to current debates. I would like to work in child protection, as well as volunteer education, but the thesis topic can be a variation of these.

    Thanks so much for the blog and any assistance!


    • Dear Fiona, I`m also researching Cambodia`s Orphan Business in Cambodia right now. My research should be finished January 2013. We could talk and e-mail each other, so we can help each other and don`t research the same thing!

      • That would be great! I think you can see my email on my profile? Looking forward to talking further.

    • Hi Fiona, I was led here by Daniela as well. I’m doing a Master’s in Applied Cultural Analysis, which is a joint-programme between Copenhagen University and Lund University. I’m in the middle of an internship in Nepal, which I also have to do for my master’s.

      This past spring semester I wrote a report on local volunteering in Copenhagen and how it can create dwelling, community, and engaged, responsible citizens. Now I’m hoping to adapt that project to overseas-international volunteering, especially focusing on the rising popularity of voluntourism.

      I’m also in the middle of narrowing down my topic, as well as trying to find some pertinent theory and literature. If you’d like, we could e-mail or something. I always work best when I can brainstorm with others and bounce around ideas.

  2. Hi Friends, As you may know, Daniela Papi, Joseph Collins, Claire Bennett and I are writing a book about the Learning Service approach to volunteering. Details at Erin Barhart wrote her PhH on Engaging Global Service: Organizational Motivations for and Perceived Benefits of Hosting International Volunteers. Her work is important because it starts to capture perspectives of host organizations, a view sorely lacking in much of the other research on this topic. I think further research on host perspectives would be a wonderful addition to this field.

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