Welcome Sarah to the VoluntourismGal Team!

After chatting with lots of different parties about the fate of the blog, I decided the best thing would be to have Sarah Vandenberg join me as a fellow blogger! Most of you know her from the industry but in case you dont see below. Welcome Sarah!

Sarah Vandenberg is a volunteer travel researcher and consultant, providing advice and insight both for travelers and for volunteer abroad providers.

She is the founder of and former director of operations for Volunteer Global, and transitioned recently to editor-in-chief of Frayed Passport. She has written for Vagabundo, Go Overseas, and other publications and websites, and has provided volunteer abroad consultation services for providers in Central America and the Caribbean. 

Sarah has volunteered in the United States, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Jamaica, and Honduras, and has traveled in Asia and Europe. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY and loves to take weekend trips to Boston and Washington, DC.

You can contact Sarah for questions, consultations, and comments at Sarah@FrayedPassport.com.


4 thoughts on “Welcome Sarah to the VoluntourismGal Team!

  1. Hi ladies! I’d love to see a post on all of the masters and PhD research going on about volunteer travel. I feel like I get at least one email every week from someone doing their thesis or some academic research on volunteering, orphanage tourism, the impact of philanthropic travel on indigenous communities, etc etc…. would be great to get all of these linked up in one place or even just some sort of map of what is out there. Someone just connected me to Natasha (http://responsiblevolunteering.wordpress.com/) who has also done research on this… so maybe we could go to someone like her first to start of by writing a piece on researching this – and try to get a call for all others who are researching this to add a list of their topics as well. There must be SO much overlap out there – and would be so interesting to see what people are focusing on!

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