Changing the World on Vacation – New Voluntourism Documentary

Daniela Kon just sent me a link to her most recent documentary – I wanted to get it on everyone’s radar. I see this as possibly being a great tool to give to volunteers before they head out with you, instead of handing them a piece of paper that addresses some issues they’ll face have them watch a documentary. You’ll have more informed volunteers and I think a better labor force to effect change.

More info here: and the trailer’s below

2 thoughts on “Changing the World on Vacation – New Voluntourism Documentary

  1. FYI – the movie was filmed in 2005-2006 and Daniela Kon recorded some reactions from me in 2009 about the film here

    The film tracks PEPY’s first year in Cambodia – which for me is PAINFUL to watch – as we so many of the things that I now think are harmful. I wrote some about this a few years ago here:

    It highlights many mistakes we made along the way – but at the time of filming, we didn’t necessarily realize they were mistakes! Hopefully you can learn from our actions!

  2. At $180 a pop, that’s expensive to give out to all of our volunteers. I do see value in having staff watch the film.

    At the same time, Daniella mentions that the film was shot when Pepy was only a year old and shows some of the things she’s changed. So the question is, do we want to wait for the sequel instead?


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