Yet ANOTHER Voluntourism Best Practices Group – via Tourism Concern

Yep, I didn’t believe it when I saw it either. Here is ANOTHER best practices group for voluntourism – why are there so many of these groups? Are they just ineffective or not good at communicating? I have a list of about 8 groups that are defining best practices in voluntourism – what differentiates them all?

The vision of the GIVS Volunteering Standards Group

We aim to promote best practice in international volunteering, to maximise the beneficial developmental impacts in the communities where volunteering takes place, minimise the negative impacts, and to ensure volunteers have a worthwhile experience.

The aims of the GIVS Volunteering Standards Group

  • We aim to achieve our vision through continual improvement in member organisations’ business practice, including using GIVS principles as guidance.
  • We aim to develop and improve the GIVS standard and to establish practical ways of measuring compliance with its principles.
  • We will collaborate with members to collect and publicise personal stories, which demonstrate the benefits to communities of compliance with GIVS principles.
  • We seek to be inclusive in order to maximise the influence on the volunteering sector, but to be clear about members’ responsibilities and to exclude from membership organisations that fail to comply with agreed guidelines.
  • We will seek to identify measurable improvements as a result of the changes implemented by member organisations, particularly in impacts within the communities in which they operate.
  • Members will not behave in such a way as to compromise the reputation of Tourism Concern, or have any negative impact on Tourism Concern’s core activities.