New Voluntourism Stats in from the ATTA

Recently I worked with the ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) to create a voluntourism survey of their membership. A lot of us know that Adventure has eaten voluntourism market share but I’m not sure anyone knew any figures of exactly how much, have a read below for some interesting statistics.

Some things I found interesting: their demo is older and the majority run their own volunteer projects instead of working with local NGOs. Read some highlights below or click here for the full report.

  • 61% of surveyed tour operators said that they offered voluntourism trips.
  • ATTA members reported their volunteer travelers to be 53.21 percent female and 46.79 male. Just over 12 percent of these consumers were younger than 20 years old, with 20-40 year-olds and 41-60 year olds coming in at almost 33 percent and  34 percent respectively.
  • Fifty one of the respondents run their own volunteer / voluntourism project “in-house”, while 44 work directly with external organizations.

Thanks muchly to the ATTA for giving voluntourism some research time!



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