New Voluntourism Stats in from the ATTA

Recently I worked with the ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) to create a voluntourism survey of their membership. A lot of us know that Adventure has eaten voluntourism market share but I’m not sure anyone knew any figures of exactly how much, have a read below for some interesting statistics.

Some things I found interesting: their demo is older and the majority run their own volunteer projects instead of working with local NGOs. Read some highlights below or click here for the full report.

  • 61% of surveyed tour operators said that they offered voluntourism trips.
  • ATTA members reported their volunteer travelers to be 53.21 percent female and 46.79 male. Just over 12 percent of these consumers were younger than 20 years old, with 20-40 year-olds and 41-60 year olds coming in at almost 33 percent and  34 percent respectively.
  • Fifty one of the respondents run their own volunteer / voluntourism project “in-house”, while 44 work directly with external organizations.

Thanks muchly to the ATTA for giving voluntourism some research time!


Projects Abroad Orphanage Project Recommended by

I saw this on and was very surprised and concerned to see Projects Abroad’s orphanage volunteer program in Fiji was mentioned:

After recent prominent Al Jazeera coverage of the same organization’s irresponsible operations in Cambodia, is it OK for a trusted source like Peter Greenberg to promote this company and these sort of trips? Or do we as an industry expect too much of the media, how can they realistically keep track of every negative coverage out there?

I realize that Projects Abroad is a large international organization and that the situations for different programs in different parts of the world will be different, however it brings up an interesting debate on the value and power of the media in this space.