Are You Giving the BBC Another Chance?

If you’re at all involved with the BBC you’ve been getting a ton of emails lately – my question is are taking the time to read them or just pressing delete? We’ve all been down this road before with the BBC – my question for you is, with the below outline as their Operating Plan, are you opting in this time???

-BBC Annual Operating Plan 2012-

Member Benefits:

  • Create and email survey to members to see what practical benefits might be helpful to them
  • Research possible areas like reduced airline and insurance costs.
  • Pursue 3-4 areas of shared member benefit


Events for 2012:


  • Work with Chair and later expanded Events Committee to plan and execute Sept event in DC for Harris Wofford Fellows.
  •  Also plan and execute December event to commemorate UN Year of the Volunteer in DC area.
  • Enlist members of the Effective Practices Group to support the DC training for Wofford Fellows

Media Initiative:

  • Begin canvassing members to see what kinds of articles in what kinds of publications would be helpful for BBC to move into media outlets
  • Prioritize list and create monthly schedule to move these articles into the media
  • Develop relationships with various media outlets to assist in getting articles out
  • Recruit writers or personally write articles that speak to the whole sector


Education Initiative:

  • Survey BBC members to find what topics might be of particular interest to members for Webinars.
  • Get training on use of IBM webinar system and learn how to implement
  • Begin conversations with Jim Lindsay of Catholic Volunteer Network and Ann Schodde of the US Center for Citizen Diplomacy on creating a series of collaborative webinars on topics of interest to members of BBC
  • Create monthly or every-other month list of webinars to be produced for members
  • Recruit webinar leaders on various topics
  • Develop evaluation instrument so that participants can give feedback

Working Groups:

  • Continue to work with chairs of working groups to convene at least every other month
  • Work with committee members to assess current relevance of each working groups
  • Disband less relevant groups, create new groups as needed, recruit new leaders for working groups that need them
  • Work with leadership of each group to create relevant agendas
  • Work with leadership of each group to create ways to evaluate the groups effectiveness


Fund Raising:

  • Continue calls and emails to last year’s donors that have not given this year
  • Ask why they have not given this year and what they need from BBC
  • Work intensively on the larger list of those orgs who are affiliate members but have never given to the BBC.   Ask board to take on a list of 10-20 organizations they know and ask for support
  • Recruit a group of at least 4 members who would work with me to research the kind of project we can go to foundations to support.
  • Determine if such a grant proposal should be solo BBC or joint proposal with several organizations
  • Do search for appropriate foundations
  • Write and submit grant proposals
  • *See asterisk below

Printed Materials:

  • Determine with board members what might be helpful printed materials for BBC to have
  • *Create special fund raising initiative to fund such materials
  • Ask BBC members if they have communications staff or interns who could help design said materials (Eric Mlyn has already offered the use of his staff in some way)
  • Create distribution channels for materials and make available to members to take with them to conferences they are attending

Three Special Focus Areas in 2012 and Beyond:

1)      Impact Tool for Assessing Volunteer Impact in communities

  • Continue to work with Effective Practices Working group (as expanded) to assess the possibility of creating one or more impact tools for members
  • Develop partnerships with development agencies that have created such tools for their long term development needs
  • In preparation for the 2013 conference at Northwestern,  intensify work with academics concerning possible parameters for such a tool
  • Determine if a separate conference might be warranted in early 2013  to flesh out more of what is possible with such impact assessment tool
  • Possibly plan for Spring 2013 conference

2)      Evolving Several Areas of Focus for BBC

a)      Members outside the United States

  • Work to identify possible member organizations outside the United States
  • Recruit a “task” group from among BBC members, empaneled for a specific period of time, to define what membership for organizations outside the U.S. means for BBC and determine if this is a direction we should begin to lead in
  • If task group decides yes to above, then BBC begins to build a coalition with organizations in other countries looking at this as a relevant approach to international volunteering
  • BBC begins looking for financial support in U.S. and abroad for such an initiative

b)     Creation of Network of Networks

  • Recruit “task” group from BBC members to determine what kind of leadership role BBC could take on in leading an international initiative on networks of organizations
  • BBC considers co-convening a domestic or international conference on International Network of networks and do so with the support of corporate and other partners
  • BBC could potentially put forward the creation an international secretariat on international networking and serve as its first facilitating organization
  • Work with David Caprara and others to include in this conversation how to work with “South-to-South” volunteer sending organizations

3)      Develop New Working Relationships

  • Clinton Global Initiative (Jennifer Zeisler via Charles Phillips)
  • World Bank/IMF
  • Interaction and its member agencies
  • Faith based groups working in international volunteer space
  • Other groups you might want to name

‘The Voluntourist’ Book by Ken Budd Hits Shelves

In case you havent snagged a copy already make sure you pick up Ken Budd’s The Voluntourist book that was just released. Some great lessons, anecdotes and storytelling that everyone from the first time traveler to seasoned voluntourism organization manager can enjoy!

Voluntourism Conference 2012

Just a reminder that this year George Washington University wanted to host the conference so I have nothing to do with it. I’ve been getting tons of emails from people wanting details and I have no more than you do. I believe it is happening August 16-17 in DC at GWU. If you are interested in speaking or want more details please contact Kristin Lamoureux who is the Director of International Institute of Tourism Studies The George Washington University.