Best Travel Websites – How Does Yours Rank?

I’m helping to build a new website for a client and an interesting debate arose – who has the best website out there? Who should we try to emulate? Who can we learn from?

I reached out to many industry contacts and everyone scratched their head – not one site really jumped out as above and beyond the rest. A lot of people said they could name a list of horrible sites but hardly anyone could name great sites.

Now – I know what you’re thinking – ‘define a great site’. Nevermind SEO for a second, nevermind all that programming mumbo jumbo in the background that is necessary; I’m talking about which websites clearly state on their homepage what differentiates them, which websites make you want to hang around a little longer, which websites inspire even the most jaded of us to get out there and travel??

Here are a couple examples of gorgeous sites that tell their story effectively, whether by images or headlines. These happen to also be the companies that consistently win awards and are featured by the media.

I hear you whining already, ‘these are big budget companies and that’s not my company’ – stop whining. Most of these could be designed very similarly in a WordPress template and be cheap to update and maintain.

From the adventure world:

And my current favorite in the Voluntourism world:

So who did I leave off the list? What great sites are out there that I’m missing???

2 thoughts on “Best Travel Websites – How Does Yours Rank?

  1. Still very new, but we have launched Hero Projects – Adventure Voluntourism! Would love to share more with you and collaborate. We are doing our first trips this summer in Denali and Kenya with west coast university students. Thanks!!

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