Job Vacancy: School for Field Studies Searching for New President

This job vacancy came across my desk, seems like a perfect opportunity for someone working in this space. Have a look below and help spread the word so they can find the best possible match!

The School for Field Studies has launched a national search for a highly qualified individual to serve as its fourth President. Although the starting date is negotiable, we anticipate that the position will be filled during the summer of 2012.

The information provided below should assist potential applicants in evaluating the position and initiating their candidacies.

Office of the President

The President of The School for Field Studies is responsible for securing the organization’s mission and objectives and for advancing its interests across a variety of public and private arenas. He/she will provide leadership to the administrative and planning functions of the organization, and, in particular, for augmenting its physical and financial resources.

As SFS’s principal spokesperson, advocate, and coalition-builder, the President will be expected to make more robust the public profile of the organization. Related elements include forging effective educational partnerships, developing new sources of revenue, and strengthening endowment resources.

The President should project a compelling and visionary presence sufficient to negotiate the internal and external demands of a complex, international organization doing business in five time zones and eight countries.

Finally, at the SFS core is a solid reputation for providing innovative instruction, high-quality research and community engagement, and life-changing experiential education. Effective management of such an enterprise, with its many publics and significant cultural crosscurrents, constitutes a formidable challenge for executive leadership.

Ideal Experience and Qualifications

The President should have the following experience and qualifications:

  • Proven executive-level leadership experience in college, university or research settings, study abroad organizations, environmental NGOs, or similar entities that incorporate international and cross-cultural perspectives;
  • Significant nonprofit fundraising experience, including a demonstrable comfort level with major gifts solicitation;
  • Experience managing an international, culturally diverse staff in multiple locations; preference given to applicants who have lived or worked abroad and have facility with multiple languages;
  • The skill, confidence, and diplomacy to work effectively with an engaged, passionate staff and Board of Trustees;
  • A reputation as a charismatic, compelling spokesperson, one who will represent SFS in an intelligent, vibrant way, both orally and in writing; and
  • A terminal degree in an academic field (e.g. PhD, JD, MPH, MPA, MBA, etc.) is preferred.

Personal Characteristics

The ideal candidate will also be:

  • Collaborative in nature, imparting credibility, trust, enthusiasm, and integrity, while motivating others in a similar vein;
  • Personable, social, welcoming, open, creative and energetic;
  • An organized, strategic thinker who can “do”: a leader who builds teams, sets goals and expects results;
  • Comfortable with the prospect of extensive domestic and international travel.

How To Apply

  • Letters of inquiry should be directed to:

The School for Field Studies
c/o Michael Teichberg, Human Resources Manager

100 Cummings Center
Suite 534-G

Beverly, MA 01915

  • E-mails should be directed to:
  • An applicant’s file will be considered complete when SFS has received
      1. A current C.V. or resume;
      2. A cover letter indicating one’s reasons for seeking this position; and
      3. An indication of salary requirements.
  • Deadline for initiating application: April 6, 2012.

Contact Information

If you have questions or would like to nominate a candidate, please feel free to contact either Michael Teichberg, SFS Human Resources Manager at 978.219.5107, or Jack Waggett, Interim SFS President and Chairman of the Search Committee at 978.219.5150.

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