The State of Travel Marketing Report

Just saw this and thought I would share, some interesting takeaways if you have time to read. It all comes back to what I’ve been harping on… get innovative!!!

Some highlights…

  • The Institute’s data indicates that of their study sample, twenty-eight percent of travelers start their travel search with social media, travel opinion websites and general search engines. That means that over one-fourth of the traveling public is conferring with resources you don’t control BEFORE they begin the purchase process.
  • If you’ve the time, there is  a ton of other great information contained in this report. But for me the biggest take away was this: travel marketers of all stripes (hotel/rental car/airline/airport and destinations) must step back and fundamentally reconsider their go to market strategies.
  • In an internet distribution world, where the consumer is often times making travel decisions at a web property that the travel marketer doesn’t own, the only way you can beat the price game is to already own a value position inside the customer’s mind

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