Comhlámh’s Volunteer Charter – Worth a Read

Comhlámh’s Volunteer Charter is a guide for people who are going to volunteer overseas in developing countries. It sets out 7 principles that aim to encourage responsible,
responsive international volunteering.

“By agreeing to sign the Charter, you will be showing your support for the principles it sets out. As a volunteer, your attitude to your placement and to your host project and community will be crucial to the success of the work you will be involved with. Your support will help to ensure a spirit of partnership, solidarity and respect between you, your sending organisation, and the host project and community with which you volunteer.”

See the whole charter here, consider asking your participants to read and commit to this (or make your own) its a great resource I think.

Also, I stumbled upon this number again – anyone heard of any more recent data?

A 2008 study by Tourism and Research Marketing, which surveyed 300 organisations, estimated the market size to be 1.6 million volunteer tourists per year and put the value of the market at around £1.3 billion. (see here for more)


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