Top Voluntourism Trips for 2012 – What Are They???

I got this Tweet from the folks at Wild Guanabana last week, and it kind of stumped me. I’m not sure which projects I would put on a list for 2012.

Anyone have any spectacular projects you want to tell me about? I know a lot about best practices, industry issues, but its been a long time since any of you shared a fabulous project you are working with.

Tell me and let’s make this list!

“@VoluntourismGal what are the hottest voluntourism projects on your list for 2012 :)”

5 thoughts on “Top Voluntourism Trips for 2012 – What Are They???

  1. My best voluntourism trip for 2012 is gonna be a solidarity trek in the Philippines: trek for a cause! We carry school supplies in coordination with a local FIlipino NGO, to distribute in remote villages of the mountain region. The trek stops in villages, and with activities with the children such as singing, sport, games, storytelling, drawing, etc, we share moments of exchange and fun! 100% responsible traveling: trekking in amazing sceneries of rice terraces and meeting with the local communities. A part of the money of the trip is poured directly as support to the local NGO. You can check out more info if you’re interested on
    Can’t wait for 2012 !!!

    • I tried going to their website but the domain was up for sale and didn’t direct me right. Is there anywhere else I could look for the sloth rescue?

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