Do We Need a Conference?

It seems there are lots of organizations out there that have yearly conferences – ATTA, TIES, WYSTC, etc – does the voluntourism industry need/want one?

I hosted a small voluntourism conference a couple years ago that had a really great turn out – should I do that again? Share best practices in person? Get to know the competition and try to cooperate and partner more?

One day summit – start around 10am so people can get early AM flights in, have dinner and leave the next morning. Denver.

Thanks to the positive feedback June 28th is looking like a date – pencil it in, I’ll start searching for venues.

17 thoughts on “Do We Need a Conference?

  1. Sweet! Last time we did just one day, dinner together that night and then everyone flew home.

    Costs were just split for lunch and venue so it was super affordable.

  2. It is a great idea. we hosted one day event, it was great networking. we are still trying to make Voluntourism pick up in Egypt. we managed to bring very few travelers from USA. i just posted our latest activity on

  3. Alexia…

    I would not be interested in “another” conference. We send 4-6 people annually to WYSTC at about €1500 each, not counting lodging and travel. But is works especially well for us. We send 2-4 annually to WETM at about €900 each, not counting lodging and travel. WETM is probably the best experience we have.

    We don’t participate with ATTA, but probably should.

    As for TIES, it entered the political arena when it decided to partner with only 1 voluntourism organization…so we have refused to get involved.

    But a well-designed 1 or 2 day “summit” would pique my interest…depending on the attendees. I think the one in Denver a few years ago was very interesting and affordable. I’m always looking for reasons to come to Denver. But any place is fine. It isn’t location as much as agenda and attendees. And the goal…moving the space forward? Meet and greet? Trends? Research?

    My 2 cents.

      • Hello Basem. I hope you are well. We had a program in Egypt, but had to close it for now. Even in Jordan and Lebanon we have to talk hard to convince people it is safe.

        WETM 2012 is in Budapest. March 2012. I should think that would be a GREAT conference for you. Or WYSTC. Last year at WYSTC there was only ONE company from the Middle East. And he had so many meetings. If you can attend PLEASE consider it. WYSTC 2011 is Barcelona.

        My best,


      • Thanks for your input Randy. can you share what you did in Egypt please? we used to execute a program for LTA too. it was targeting orphanages. it is hard to convince people to visit now. we hope we will pick up by October 2011.

    • Oh you love me and you know it. Who else would stand in the rain and help you back a 75 foot pickup truck out of a parking space designed for a compact car?

      Hold a summit and I will come. I’ll make sure just to pop in for the day then. 🙂

  4. Claire – the last one was a couple years ago so I dont have all the info. We brought up industry issues and did a round table format.

    This time I think we’ll do some rapid fire presentations on cool new developments – 15 min each, and then do some roundtable discussions. For example, I have a travel writer who will chat quickly about how the media perspective on vooluntourism has changed.

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