MORE Cruise Voluntourism

Are these day long projects helpful or hurtful? I can’t decide. It opens volunteering up to a whole new audience and maybe this inspires donations and gets them involved volunteering at home, or is it just another ‘pet the children’ photo opp?

Wanna give something back during your next high-priced luxury cruise?  Crystal is offering seven new, complimentary voluntourism excursions in which guests and crew can lend a hand to communities in need:

  • Langa Township, South Africa (April 18): Assisting orphans with homework at the Siyamphambili Orphanage.
  • Makapu-u Beach, Hawaii (May 1): Removing invasive weeds growing amid the original coastal ecosystems of Oahu.
  • Sitka, Alaska (May 14–August 18): Supporting the operation and maintenance of the salmon hatchery and/or marine-life exhibits at the Sitka Sound Science Center.
  • Dublin, Ireland (July 29): Helping troubled youth from St. Joseph’s Youth Club with facility upkeep, activity planning, and other activities.
  • Astoria, Oregon (April 14 & April 20): Working with the Friends of Ft. Stevens to improve a Civil War–era fort that’s now a state park.