Great Industry Research from PURE

If you haven’t seen the latest survey PURE did it’s worth a quick read, have a look here for the full report, bullets below:

  • Because of this radical paradigm shift, the time when average companies could sell average products to average customers
    is at an end. Todays’ business world is aware of this and is therefore rapidly embracing the social media revolution. With
    Internet World Stats confirming that Internet browsers spend 11% of their time online on social networking sites, and with
    Nielsen stating that the number of Facebook users could soon outrun that of Google users, marketing on social media sites
    definitely seems to be the way forward.
  • The number of Latina American travellers in the near future is expected to reach half the total number of European travellers and that of
    North American travellers. When asked to state specific regions, Experiential Suppliers stated that they expect to welcome an increasing number of
    clients mostly from China, Brazil, Russia and Argentina.
  • Interestingly, data reveals that 55% of customers are late bookers: they book their itineraries from 0 to 3 months prior to their departure on holiday.
  • Experiential Suppliers claim that 89% of a remarkable transformational travel offering is NOT about the price, and Private
    Travel Designers confirm that over 85% of their clients’ vacation decision-making process is not based on price. At PURE we believe that
    if a company is competing on price, it is because it is already selling a commodity whereas bespoke Experiential Travel does not need to
    rely on pricing strategies because it is about enriching people’s lives via unique tailor-made experiences.
  • Among the most sought after forms of experiences,
    clients seek to:
    gain cultural knowledge and connect with a different culture (40% on average)
    connect with nature (20% on average)
    embark on explorative adventures (15% on average)
    reach self-discovery (10% on average)


One thought on “Great Industry Research from PURE

  1. A few thoughts on how this relates to us:

    1. Social Media is huge, and in fact we built our new website around it. At the core is social media and the rest of the site sort of branches out (like spokes) from there. That said, if your clients don’t use social media, you won’t find them there. We get very, very few applicants via social media. Many of our followers are our competitors. 🙂

    2. In 2011, certainly we agree about late bookings. 70% or more of our web traffic are repeat visitors, meaning they are looking and looking and looking. We didn’t find this so much in 2008 and 2009. But this year? People are researching sites, revisiting them, and making a decision late in the process.

    3. If you look at the orgs that advertise $180/week or $120/week or lead their marketing with price, and you follow them for a year, you will see the traffic to their site is way, way down in 2011. While traffic does not mean “sales” it certainly means if your traffic is down, sales are down. Now, down 1000 from 5000 might not be so great. But down is down. People look hard and they see those guys are adding on app and registration fees, then language class fees and the prices are up there. Find 2 or 3 and follow their traffic for a year and you’ll see the traffic goes down.

    You cannot compete on price. You have to compete on differentiation. The more unique the program in the most unique areas will trump pricing any day.

    4. Agree that people want cultural experiences and that they have learned that they cannot change the world in 2 or 4 months. As a matter of fact, our cultural exchange programs (Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner) account for 80% of our participants. Market research shows more and more people want to exchange cultures and get close to people FAR more than volunteer on to clean up a beach. Our numbers indicate that given a clear choice (differentiation) people choose cultural exchange.

    Beautiful photos on the survey by the way. And very easy to read and understand. Good job.

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