Voluntourism on the Amazing Race

Did everyone catch the voluntourism stint in Ghana on the latest Amazing Race? They had the volunteers do the classic ‘paint the school’ project – what are your thoughts on painting projects? Feel good projects for the volunteer because they see the results of their work? Or generally beneficial to the community because they wouldn’t have the time or resources to paint it themselves, uplifts spirits, etc?

3 thoughts on “Voluntourism on the Amazing Race

  1. Having experienced this type of project before, my view is that no-one would like to come to work / school with their office falling apart, mould on the wall etc. What painting projects offer are a better environment, particularly for schools. If it means kids are more likely to turn up, then it has to be a good thing. I did my work with the community involved as well, so I felt ‘part’ of the project, not so much of western ring-in.

  2. Re Amazing Race.
    I was part of the Dutch Amazing Race in 2006 giving their celebs a death-defying ride in our jeep down the mountain from Ooty in India. It was a crazy ride – they yelled at us and our driver for stopping along the road to get a blessing from an old spiritual man, with many other interesting things happening along the ride down, and we helped them win that part of the race (and I think to the final destination). They promised us a clip but we’ve never even been able to figure out how to contact them, much less received a clip or thanks for risking our lives! 🙂 How to reach them?

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