Adventure/Volunteer Travel On the Rise Says Travel & Leisure

The Travel & Leisure Atlas Industry Review stats are below – most noticeable is the expected growth in adventure travel and the growing trend towards authentic cultural experiences.

The recovery of the travel industry continues on course as prospects brighten across all sectors of the industry. The aviation sector reflects a leveling of growth rates in air traffic as year-on-year comparisons are framed against the latter months of 2009 when the recovery was already in motion:

In the tourism sector, destinations worldwide continue to post robust visitor gains:

• International visitations to the U.S. rose 11% in the first six months of this year.

• To date, a travel alert for Europe issued by the State Department on October 3 is not noticeably deterring travel activity.

• Travel agents are noting that in place of external amenities, exclusive, authentic experiences are the cornerstones of today’s new luxury excursions.

• An NBTA survey shows corporate travel budgets are up 5.5% this year.

• Tourism to Mexico surged 19% in the first eight months of this year.

• Singapore visitor arrivals soared 18% this August, the highest number of arrivals ever recorded by the destination for the month of August.

• Thailand is extending its successful “Amazing Thailand” promotional campaign with the hope of increasing its tourism volume by 9% in 2011.

• Revenue from tourism has soared 40% for Egypt in the past four years.

• The travel industry is eyeing the adventure travel market as a prime target at a time when uncertainties tend to inhibit less resilient travelers.

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