High Profile Media Outlet Needs a Volunteer to Interview in Kenya

If you are a voluntourism provider and offer projects in Kenya (preferably around Nairobi) please contact me. This reporter needs to talk to a volunteer (preferably a bit older) who has either lost a job in the current economic climate or someone who has decided to jack it all in and do something different. The character would need to be an engaging person who we can spend a day with while he is doing his work with the locals. They will be filming the 21-28 of this month.

If you have someone that matches send them to me ASAP – will need info on the project and details on the volunteer.


One thought on “High Profile Media Outlet Needs a Volunteer to Interview in Kenya

  1. I work for an non-profit organization called Flying Kites Global (www.flyingkitesglobal.org). We are dedicated to raising the standards of care available to the world’s poorest children and we run a home and school for orphaned and abandoned children in South Kinangop, Kenya. As part of our work, we run a volunteer program through which people commit to spending no less than one month at our site in Kinangop, helping us run our center and care for our children. I would not personally label this program as “voluntourism’ but that is probably up for debate.

    I would like to recommend that you interview either of our current program managers- both of whom are serving in year-long volunteer positions. Brian Jones is currently serving as Country Director, and can be reached at bjones@flyingkitesglobal.org. Frannie Noble is our Oasis Program Director and can be reached at fnoble@flyingkitesglobal.org. Oasis is an incredibly exciting program which Frannie has helped to launch- it is very, very press worthy. Check out http://www.flyingkitesglobal.org/oasis for more on that specific program. Both Brian and Frannie are dynamic, intelligent, and passionate about the work they are doing. Please consider them for an interview with this media outlet.

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