CNN Voluntourism Series – Have you seen it?

CNN interviewed me last week for their series on voluntourism – in case you haven’t seen it they are doing a series, should help raise voluntourism awareness coming right into the peak traveler time.

Finding volunteer trips that actually help

The idea of volunteering away from home seems like a win-win to many travelers: a way to experience and help another community at the same time. But without a solid, well-designed program and reasonable expectations, volunteer travel can do more harm than good.

Volunteering to save lives in Haiti

Sleeping in the open air under a mosquito net because earthquake aftershocks make being inside too frightening: It’s not everyone’s ideal way to use up their vacation.

Sun, sea and … orphans? A vacation with a difference in Thailand

Whether you place the responsibility with Brangelina, Madonna or Sandra Bullock, there is no denying the adoption of children from impoverished nations by celebrities and other westerners is becoming increasingly popular.

Traveler gets a little taste of voluntourism

It’s cold and dark and I’m alone in a puny, mildewed tent nursing a blister and some seriously sore triceps. I figure it’s as good a time as any to take stock.