State of the Industry Survey – Please Reply

How many times has a reporter asked you what the size of the voluntourism market in the US is?  Last year we came up with some real numbers for the first time thanks to your help. This year we want to continue the research to see if the field has grown/shrunk/etc. So please participate so we can get an accurate pulse of the industry, this will help all of us.

All participants’ information will be kept strictly confidential and only the results, and a total list of companies that participated, will be produced – for free, for all to see.

This year we have also partnered with to learn some insights from the volunteer themselves. We’ve developed a basic survey that we’re hoping you will send to your mailing list of volunteers. The questions are quick and straight forward but will help give everyone an idea of motivations and volunteer mindset.

So there are two ways to participate: wait until I call and harass you or just send me an email with your answers (much appreciated). Also let me know if you’d be willing to have send the volunteer survey out and I will send you a survey that is branded for your organization.

Criteria to qualify as an operator in this survey:
– Have a US office
– Send US volunteers abroad
– Not faith based in anyway
– Volunteers have to pay to volunteer
– Travelers work for more than 4 days of straight volunteering (the idea with this is to eliminate the adventure companies that offer voluntourism as an activity)

Questions for operators that meet the criteria:

– To which countries do you currently send volunteers?

– What is the most popular activity for your volunteers? Building; Community Development; Conservation – Environmental, Wildlife, or Heritage; Scientific; Health Care; Skills Based Professional; Teaching; Other (please describe)

– How many volunteers did you send abroad in 2009?

– Do you expect to send more or less volunteers abroad in 2010 than you did in 2009?

– What is your return rate for volunteers?

Optional, if you have time:

– Do you feel the economy is affecting your business positively, negatively or unaffected? What, if anything, have you done to counteract the effects of the recession?

– Are there any valuable insights or lessons learned you would like to share with the industry?

-Which term do you most associate with your organization? Voluntourism, volunteer tourism, volunteer vacation, volunteer travel, volunteer abroad?


2 thoughts on “State of the Industry Survey – Please Reply

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