Global Action Atlas – How Will it Change Voluntourism?

Have you all seen the Global Action Atlas? I potentially fabulous tool for recruiting volunteers and also for raising funding for projects in need. Created by the team at Nat Geo its still in beta but looks really promising.

Here is a bit of screen grab, notice at the bottom #3 – Take Action: Volunteer, help carry out a project.

Is this sort of site something that we’ve been waiting for or might it further confuse voluntourism and the pay to volunteer model?

Check it out for yourself: Global Action Atlas


2 thoughts on “Global Action Atlas – How Will it Change Voluntourism?

  1. This is interesting Alexia. I like the interaction between the tool and the online donation sites. This could end up being really useful to volunteer organizations and charities alike. Will definitely stay tuned…

  2. This is a hugely impressive undertaking from National Geographic!
    I think that for pure ‘voluntourism’ this site is not, in its current form, going to have a huge impact, because it only helps with the ‘volun’ part of ‘voluntourism’, but not the ‘tourism’ part in terms of sightseeing and exploring a destination.
    If travelers have accommodation preferences different to what the volunteer project provides, then this may be a source of tension as well, which voluntourism operators can help overcome, in a seamless way.
    Well done Nat Geo!

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