Teaching English Projects – Realistic in the Short Term?

Michael Kaye, CEO & Founder of Costa Rica Expeditions & Nicaragua Expeditions sent me a note about his recent blog entry, he brings up interesting points about teaching English projects that we all have heard but never address.

– Can teachers be trained in a short time and be effective teachers?

– Must there be a set curriculum they follow to keep progress moving throughout a long string of volunteers?

– Will volunteers want to spend a week of their vacation teaching?

– How short is too short and useless for the child?

(OK, some of these are my questions not his but…)

Read his full blog post here – let’s get the discussion started! Below is a snippet.

“So that’s the background.  Here’s the question:  If there were a very fast and easy to learn teaching method that after 20-30 minutes of reading would allow new teachers to jump in and pick up where former teachers have left off share knowledge of English with a child and indicate the child’s proficiency level to the next teacher, do you think you find rewarding spending at least two hours on your next vacation to the non-English speaking world sharing your knowledge with a local child?  Do you think other people would?”


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