Top 3 Things Every Volunteer Needs to Know

I was recently asked to write a guest post on voluntourism for and doing so I find is often a challenge. I write this blog for the industry so writing something for the consumer is a completely different mindset.

It brought up the question though, what information needs to be included in these general consumer facing articles both in the media and in blogs. What would you say are the top three things every potential volunteer needs to know? (and do you in fact address those on your sites?)

Here’s the article if anyone wants a laugh:


One thought on “Top 3 Things Every Volunteer Needs to Know

  1. at people and places we think the three most important questions are
    1. what do you do to ensure volunteers and the communities you work with will be safe
    2. can i speak to previous volunteers
    3. How do you ensure economically poor communities do not subsidise volunteers.
    Those cover a myriad of other questions.
    For our full set of quesiopns take a look at
    The good news is that potential volunteers are asking more questions of sending organisations – now we have to help them work out what is plain marketing hype!

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