New Voluntourism Survey

Have you seen this survey being passed around travelers? It is being conducted by Georgian College post-graduate research analyst students in partnership with Planeterra, to learn about travelers’ needs and current trends in voluntourism. Can you help by sending it off to your list so they get the most data possible?

Richard Edwards of Planeterra commented, “Academia is taking more notice of voluntourism as a rapidly emerging and somehow important niche in tourism, though I think everyone would agree that there is a lack of full understanding of exactly how important it is by all involved. The work we’re doing with research analyst students at Georgian College may help to clarify how important it is to the traveling public. We hope to incorporate the results into our efforts to constantly improve the knowledge surrounding voluntourism. We are very focused on the communities in most of our development thinking. Here we’ll be looking more at the travelers – their preferences, their interests, what works best and what can be improved, and how those engagements need to be managed to ensure they are mutually beneficial to the traveler and the local community. The data will also be a contribution to work we’re doing to help ensure the experience is providing the optimal contribution to the destinations, with the goal of developing viable, sustainable voluntourism that contributes to community development worldwide.”

To see the survey click here.


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