Industry Snapshot Q3/4 2009: Adventure Travel companies in this economy

This data was recently presented at an Adventure Travel Trade Association meeting in Boulder – not exactly voluntourism but I think the data should be comparable.

  • 2009 Assessed 250+ tour operators, based all around the globe
    • 2,000,000+ customers represented
    • Average price point (land only) of approx $2,700

Salient points:

  • They weathered the economic storm better than mass tourism
  • 8% flat sales in 08, while 33% were UP
  • About half expected 09 to end up flat or higher than 08
  • The mass tourism industry saw nothing but erosion and decrease in 2009


  • They are innovative- 50% expect to INCREASE inventory offering with only 13% reducing
  • They have the ability to flex- in pricing and promotions and many have maintained pricing.
  • 2010 outlook (120 companies responded as of this morning) 66% see their 2010 as being UP over 2009, 17% flat. ‘Tempered optimism.’

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