Supporting Local NGOs

So pretty much once a week an NGO in a developing country comes to me and asks how they can attract volunteers to their project. Some are in it for the money and some genuinely need help, my question to all of you operators out there is: what next?

What do you look for in a NGO that helps you decide if they make a good partner or not? What advice should I give them on how to get your ear if their whole premise seems sustainable???


One thought on “Supporting Local NGOs

  1. Comment from Randy LeGrant…

    GREAT question. Here at GeoVisions we get about 5 requests each day to send volunteers to a project we’ve never heard of. We request them to try to attend the WYSTC or WETM meeting and meet us in person. If they are so small they can’t afford that, we ask them to fill out a Risk Management form (several pages of very detailed questions on risk and sustainability) and send video. That starts the conversation. Nothing happens until then.

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