Research Project Seeks Voluntourists!

Dr. Jess Pointing is doing research on the transformative effects of voluntourism, if you want to help send this survey on to past travelers and let’s see what sort of results we get.

Did your volunteer experience transform you? That’s the question being asked by Dr. Jess Pointing, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Tourism at San Diego State University.

There is just one question. You may write as much or as little as you wish.

Think about your volunteer tourism experience and ask if you think it has changed you in some way.  This could mean changes in the way you see yourself, changes in the way that other people see you, or changes in how you see the world generally.  Don’t rush your answer.  Take some time and think back to your experience and consider whether the person who has returned is in some way different from the one prior to departure.  When you have reflected on this and thought of something, please describe it in as much detail as possible.  You might begin by describing a specific event and then following up with an analysis of how it changed you.  Describe as many events and personal reactions as you feel are meaningful from your experience.

Please send your response directly to :

The information you provide will be analyzed and used as the basis for a major academic journal article. Your response will remain anonymous, you will not be identified in any way in published materials resulting from the study. You are free to withdraw from this research at any time without explanation. If you have any questions please direct them to Dr. Jess Ponting, jess.ponting @,  Ph: 619 594 8499.


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