US Traveler Trends from PhoCus Wright

A new survey came out on US Traveler Trends from PhoCusWright – have a look at some tidbits below and to view the whole press releases click here.

One thing I found interesting is that their study shows 18-34yo are significantly more likely to travel this year (the segment most likely to volunteer abroad), which supports the Lasso survey that voluntourism is growing.

Top U.S. Traveler Trends

Move over boomers—Generation Y has come of age

Twenty-five to 34 year olds are spending the most per household on travel and 18-34 year olds are significantly more likely than older age groups to indicate that they plan to travel more this year.

While boomers are commonly described as the wealthiest generation, the 45-64 age group is spending the least per household on travel and is also the most likely to reduce travel spend this year.

Consumers who spend more than average on travel are more likely to reduce travel expenditure this year, and those that spend less than average are more likely to actually increase travel expenditure this year. The result of this mixed bag of intentions is that overall expenditure will decline considerably across the board, but budget brands will experience a smaller decline than upscale brands.

Online travel agencies will fare better than other channels

Though the majority of travelers typically book online, there is still plenty of opportunity to grow online transactions. Consumers that spend the most on travel still use a mix of online and offline methods.

Travel search engines are (finally) making a mainstream impact


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