Travel websites confusing customers, says Frommers survey

Saw this article on about a recent Frommers survey and couldn’t agree more. Websites have to be user friendly and focused on the customer, they shouldn’t be designed around what your web team thinks is cool!!

Half of all travellers have struggled with poorly constructed confusing and inaccurate travel websites, according to a survey carried out by content experts Frommers Unlimited.

A worldwide survey of more than 1,200 people, carried out by eDigitalResearch, found that 50% had encountered confusing sites with information hard to find, insufficient pictures, insufficient information about the destination, hotel, cruise, airline or ferry company.

A third of travellers said they were frustrated by a lack of response to email enquiries and sites which weren’t bookable online, while 40% also reported finding inaccurate, or misleading information and not enough information about things to do.

Just 10% said they got the right tailored material when searching online.

“Our survey has really highlighted the consumer experience problems which travel companies need to address in their websites,” said Joel Brandon Bravo, general manager of Frommer’s Unlimited.

“However we also identified what people most value when they look online and the point at which that information was useful.

To read the full article visit:


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