Researching Volunteer Tourism: Defining the Experience

Just wanted to take a second to clear up a little confusion that seems to have arisen about this blog in the last couple days. I am a voluntourism industry consultant so some people who read this do hire me – but I will never let that influence what is done or said on this blog. My consulting practice is just that, and the blog is a forum where I try to present a neutral issue and encourage people to debate so we can further the field. I don’t make money off of this blog, I just want to help facilitate conversations.  There have been some great learnings so far so let’s keep it going!

On to the real post of the day:

Angela M Benson, Principal Lecturer Sustainable Tourism Development, University of Brighton, presented the below research at the GWTTRA Symposium – I found this really interesting as she talked to a lot of travelers and compared their perceptions of volunteering with the messages that voluntourism operators are putting out there.

“What is clear is that if organizations do not want volunteers to view this as a holiday experience more clarity in the message and terminology used is required and a transfer of that message is actions and activities at the field site.”

To see the full study download: defining-the-experience


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