IVPA Employee Benefits Survey Released

The IVPA recently released their Employee Benefits Survey for the voluntourism industry.

The purpose of this survey was to gather information on employee benefits from volunteer sending organizations for a general understanding of benefit trends in the industry. About 12 companies replied to the survey so it is not indicative of the whole industry but does give a snapshot.

Have a look at their findings:


Also… for those of you who haven’t participated in the ‘size/state of the voluntourism industry’ survey that I’m doing in conjunction with XOLA Consulting – then here is your friendly reminder. We’ve gotten some great responses so far!

Forget where the link is? Here you go! https://voluntourismgal.wordpress.com/2009/03/20/voluntourism-survey-please-participate/


One thought on “IVPA Employee Benefits Survey Released

  1. A couple of things:

    1) You have to be kidding me. 10 results? And they sent this to 200 members of the BBC? This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Why would I consider any survey with 10 responses to be anything but worthless? I’m looking for a considerable data set so I can make decisions. There is nothing in this survey that is even remotely helpful.

    2) It comes from IVPA. Hardly an organization that is objective. They have a closed membership, they inspect any potential member’s marketing materials and budgets, and there are maybe a dozen members out of the thousands of volunteer program providers. Who gives this stuff press? Did no one wonder why the membership is so paltry?

    All of us are operating our businesses in unprescidented times. As an Executive Director, I’m looking for a meaningful data set that is objective and statistically sound. Then, I can measure what is in the survey and measure what we do here and make some conclusions. Hopefully then I’ll make some calculated adjustments. Surveys with such a limited data set don’t do much, if anything.

    I encourage EVERYONE who meets the criteria for the survey you (Voluntourism Gal) and Xola Consulting are doing to participate. First of all, from what I’ve seen, it is objective and the questions deal with what I think about day to day. With a large data set, I can learn a great deal. So please, if you are out there and you are a provider of volunteer programs, participate in the survey.

    Randy LeGrant
    Executive Director

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