Voluntourism Survey Launching in March – Feedback Please

In an attempt to answer some of the questions we’d all like to know, Lasso Communications in conjunction with XOLA Consulting will be doing a survey of the voluntourism industry in March/April. Below are the questions we’d like to ask, so here is your opportunity to change the direction of the survey or help it gain legs.

We will be calling all voluntourism operators will offices in America that send US volunteers overseas on non faith-based trips. The criteria for a voluntourism operator is a company that has a traveler participate in at least 4 days of volunteer work per trip. We know 4 is random but we didn’t want to include the adventure operators that offer a ‘voluntourism experience’ for 3 days on part of a tour – we want to get an accurate feel of how many people decided to devote their whole vacation to volunteering.

We know we could also include Canada, UK, Oz, etc but we want to start small and get some accurate figures. All info given will remain anonymous totally and completely – but please participate as its for the good of the industry to get a truly accurate pulse. (dont make me beg)

Questions for operators that meet above criteria:

– How many destinations do you currently send volunteers to?

– How many volunteers did you send abroad in 2008?

– Do you expect to send more or less abroad in 2009?

– What is your return rate for volunteers?

– Do you feel the economy is effecting your business in a good/bad/neutral way?

– Any insights or lessons learned you’d like to share with the industry?


Let us know your feedback please – we’re anxious to get this started and finally get an accurate estimate of the size of the US voluntourism market!


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