Voluntourism Operators Launch Social Networks

In the last month i-to-i and Cross Cultural Solutions both launched social network sites for past/potential volunteers. These sites are great because they not only let volunteers talk with each other, help spread the word about volunteering but also act as Google bait.

If you dont have a social platform running for your organization yet you can always start one at no charge via ning.com or any of the other social platforms.

Check out Cross Cultural Solutions platform: http://community.crossculturalsolutions.org/

“People are looking for opportunities to improve themselves and their resume, to make an impact on the world. Our new website helps to bring forth the perspectives of thousands of volunteers, and to showcase that this opportunity to effect positive change in the world is available for people from all walks of life.”


Check out i-to-i’s new platform ‘Campfire’: http://www.i-to-i.com/campfire/


“Does your passport have more blank pages than stamped pages… Do you have hundreds of travel photos that send you down memory lane every time you look at them… Are you eager to start traveling? No matter what your plans are, join i-to-i’s Campfire and make new travel-friends, check out other people’s adventures abroad and start creating your own overseas plans! “



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