Voluntourism a Dirty Word?


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Voluntourism a Dirty Word?

You’d think that giving up a few hours for a good cause while you’re on vacation would be a positive thing, but despite its apparent virtue, voluntourism sure comes up against a lot of criticism. Is it just miserable onlookers determined to complain about everything or is there actually a negative side to donating your time to a charity while you travel?

For those who aren’t too sure, voluntourism is exactly what it sounds like — a blend of volunteering and tourism. Normally arranged through agencies in your home country, a voluntourism trip typically lasts two or three weeks and involves plenty of sightseeing as well as a few days working with a local cause. For those with more time to spare, specialist agencies organize long-term placements lasting from one month to a full year,  though it’s not just time you’ll need an excess of — these trips will typically set you back $2000-3000 a month.

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