Want your Voluntourism Options On the Site? Email Me.


OK – so I was slightly shocked the other day to see that this blog was on page 1 of Google when I searched ‘voluntourism.’ It changes everyday and today we’re back on page 2, but since that wasnt the goal of this blog its kind of cool.

I realized that having that rank also means that potential travelers will also stumble upon this site so I added a page called Looking for Volunteer Trips? If you’d like to be listed just send me a blurb about your organization and a logo and I’ll get you up there (obviously no charge). I know its not pretty right now but I’ll change it to be more user friendly soon.


3 thoughts on “Want your Voluntourism Options On the Site? Email Me.

  1. Dear Voluntourism Gal,

    We saw your post on the National Geographic Geotourism Competition site and would be eager to have our organization mentioned on your “Looking for Volunteer Trips?” page.

    As a tour company ZARA Tours provides many opportunities for exciting Kilimanjaro Climbs, Safari Tours, and cultural excursions. However, since we are greatly concerned with sustainable tourism and the well-being of local communities we are also highly involved in charitable efforts throughout the region.

    Service-minded travelers can immerse themselves in volunteer efforts for such causes as the Ngorongoro Run for the Masai Women groups, the Kili Centre for Orphans and Street Children, Mwema Street Children Centre, Karatu Women Development Association, and Karatu Youth Development Association.

    All of these groups are avidly supported by our organization through networking and volunteer recruitment as well as direct financial donations from proceeds earned on each customer using ZARA Tours.

    We are currently developing itineraries for climbing-safari-volunteer packages through which travelers can experience the thrills of climbing and safari adventures while also capitalizing on fulfilling volunteer experiences.

  2. i happen to chance upon your website ob google and i must say it is cool and informative.
    Disaster Volunteers of Ghana is a non-profit working in Ghana and providing volunteer solutions to help the vulnerable in our communities. Would be glad if our website http://www.divog.org could be added to your (looking for volunteer trips).

    Thanks and stay helpful

  3. About SA Volunteers –
    SA Volunteers is committed to support and help sustain communities in all areas i.e. Wildlife, disadvantaged communities and conservation projects. Through volunteering the projects provide volunteers with life changing experiences in Africa. The volunteers will experience and receive cultural understanding, self growth, broaden their horizons and gain much more in this unique way.

    All SA Volunteers staff members are passionate about what they do and this will filter though to our volunteers. We adhere to strict codes of conduct with our projects, volunteers and staff members. We always strive to provide high levels of service to our volunteers and projects.

    Every project aspires to meet the needs of the local community and you as a volunteer, can be certain that you will be contributing to the projects as well as to your own growth and development.

    Our goal is to make sure, whilst working hard at these projects and experiencing life in South Africa, you have LOTS OF FUN doing it!

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