25 Outdated SEO Tactics and Their Cool New Alternatives

Yet another great article from the folks at SEOptimise. It all goes back to the fact that people must want to read your webpage, learn something from it and want to come back. In the quest to attract more volunteers a couple of websites have become blatant Google-bait and lost focus on what their customer wants to hear; not suprisingly these are the folks that are down year on year…

Below are some tips so you dont fall into the same trap.

Many webmasters and website owners fail to notice the fundamental changes the web has taken in recent years. People still waste time with meta keywords tags, obsessing about PageRank and measuring keyword density for highly artificial sounding page copy.

Get real, most of the old school website optimization tactics are completely useless, sometimes even harming your website. Many SEO tactics have changed, others have been replaced. Some new methods have sprung up in places where obsolete ways of tweaking websites or building links have left a void.

Some terms are even meaningless by now so that you have to change your mindset completely.

keyword density/stuffing – killer content creation
Back in the days the more you mentioned a keyword (keyword density) the better you performed in the search results. It was long ago. For years it’s the other way around. You create highly contentious and linkable killer content to get popular with users and the links push you in the search results, even if your keyword is mentioned just a few times.


PageRank optimization – authority links
Some people really say “PageRank optimization”. PageRank optimization is like Pen** enlargement. Bigger does not mean better performance. Recommendations by respectable websites still count but the simple fact that you are linked there often is worth more that the PageRank that gets passed.


metatag optimization – tagging/folksonomy
Like in the above example this is a term that was always disproportionally focusing on one aspect. This aspect is nowadays almost meaningless. The meta keywords tag can be dropped altogether. If you want to add keywords to your page, try tags or even better folksonomy (tagging by many people collectively) to enrich your content in the visible content area.


SEO copywriting for spiders – SEO copywriting for users
Are you interested in “SEO Services SEO Company India Search Engine Optimization (SEO) India”? Probably not, that’s why you are reading a “SEO blog” offering “Internet Marketing News” from the “UK”.

article marketing – business blogging
Article marketing was big when it was important to get many links from different websites and IPs. Duplicate content issues, low quality and other disadvantages made it less of an viable option. At the same time business blogging has really taken shape. It works far better for generating links than article marketing. Of course it’s a lot more reputable.

To read the full article by Tad Chef check out: http://tinyurl.com/6ahfgy


2 thoughts on “25 Outdated SEO Tactics and Their Cool New Alternatives

  1. This is very interesting to say the least. And truly, some of the SEO we do may be outdated since Google changes methods often to stay ahead of people trying to get ahead. What has been interesting to us, however, is that on Dec. 16 we stopped 100% of our Google Ad Words campaigns to see what “going cold turkey” would do. We already posted a record year, it really didn’t matter. I can tell you that working on our meta tags and cleaning up our text has allowed us to keep Google Ad Words turned totally off. Our traffic is down 40% and our apps this January vs. last January up 900%. When I compare the quality of the leads when we used Google vs. the quality of the leads we get now through VolunteerAbroad and Google organic search our conversion has gone from 7% to 22%. This is only possible by doing some of the SEO tasks mentioned in the article, which SEOptimise suggests as outdated.

    Here’s another example of why I have such a difficult time with the article. If you type in “teach english in jordan” in a Google Search bar (today, 1/16) you will see GeoVisions listed on page one, in position 9. That’s because we worked on the meta tags and text for that program page. Exactly what the guys at SEOptimise say is out of date. But it is what it is. You type it in and you get the organic listing. On January 12, GVI had those meta keywords inside the Google 100. Today they have been knocked out. Probably by someone being a little more aggressive in Jordan. The only other organization with those search terms ranking is United Planet. They are on page one, 6th down. They are very aggressive with Jordan. (By the time you read this, we may very well be ranked lower or higher…it changes all day long).

    We monitor our competitors and using software we check out the meta keywords they are using and we adjust our site accordingly. This method of being aggressive in the marketplace with a website was missed by SEOptimise, I think.

    It’s a great article, Alexia. Thanks for sharing it. Anything you come across like this is so important,

  2. Great stuff, looks like you’ve got SEO tactics down to a trot. Now how does this tie into volunteers and tourism? I mean it is a handy tip for websites, but what about the voluntours?

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