Voluntourism (Finally) Hits Europe

Today I saw the first article originating out of Austria about voluntourism, its about time! The article predicted that voluntourism will be one of the biggest booms in 2009 for Germany/Austria/Switzerland – interesting! Think about it, they have longer vacations, are willing to travel abroad and when was the last time you were on a vacation in a third world country and didn’t hear a German?? The market is perfect.


With everyone panicking about the US market for voluntourism, how many providers have branched out and offer market to non-native English speakers? Zero. Just saying… Sounds to me like opportunity is knocking.


Krise hin oder her – Reisen im Luxussegment werden auch 2009 zunehmen. Sowohl der Aufenthalt im Fünf-Sterne-Resort wie die individuelle Studienreise mit Privatchauffeur wird vermehrt nachgefragt. Formen des neuen Luxustourismus sind Abentuer-Reisen, Safaris und die Kombination von Urlaub und Charity im neuen „Voluntourism“-Segment.



2 thoughts on “Voluntourism (Finally) Hits Europe

  1. Hi Alexia,

    Great blog! I just wanted to add one quick clarifying point. We at Projects Abroad have actually been recruiting in Germany and the German speaking world since 2000 and have subsequently opened recruiting offices in Holland, France and Italy over the years. We definitely agree that non-native English speakers are very keen on volunteer travel.

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