Best Practices from Sustainable Travel International

Happy New Year!

The following Sustainable Travel Standards summary from Sustainable Travel International is designed to help travel providers make responsible choices when planning their programs and engaging in their offerings:

Sustainable Travel International Logo

Sustainable Travel Standards

Research Alternatives, learn about the places you intend to offer programming, and ensure that you support tourism that is not harmful to the environment or well being of local people.

Educate your Clients and provide them with opportunities to make meaningful connections with local people. Encourage them to walk or use public transport whenever feasible.

Be Culturally Sensitive. Respect the values, customs and beliefs of the local people you visit. Foster a greater understanding of their culture and their environmental issues.

Generate Economic Benefits. Buy locally produced goods, become a patron of locally owned businesses, and enhance the well being of host communities.

Be Environmentally Friendly. Conserve natural resources when traveling just as you do at home and in your offices. Offset your carbon emissions from airline and land travel.

Make Positive Contributions to the conservation and preservation of natural and cultural heritage and to the maintenance of the world’s biodiversity.

Any questions or comments feel free to contact Ted Martens at STI.

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