Sign the Petition to Expand the Peace Corps (please)

A note from Jonathan Pearson of the National Peace Corps Association, this is in everyone’s best interest – help spread the word!


NPCA and our MorePeaceCorps campaign has a major effort underway (through January 10th) to get signatures and on an online petition to President-elect Obama urging him to follow through with his pledges to expand the Peace Corps.  This effort is open to, and strengthened by any and all citizens signing (not just returned Peace Corps volunteers) who believe the Peace Corps is an important part of our outreach to the world.


Anything you and BBC members can do to help spread the word and help us collect thousands of more signatures (we’re currently closing in on 11,000) would be fannnn-tastic!  The petiton allows people to offer comments, but it’s not mandatory.  So, it only takes a few minutes to make a huge difference.


Here’s the link to the petition:  Please spread it as far and wide as you can!  




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