NAFSA Poster Session Deadline is this Friday!

I received this from Paul Joss and thought anyone not on his email list might like a friendly reminder about NAFSA’s poster session deadline – this Friday! Not sure what NAFSA is? You should, its a great way to interact with college advisors. Click here for conference details.


Here’s a last reminder for submitting a Poster Session for the 2009 Poster Fair on Work, Internships and Volunteering Abroad (WIVA) at the NAFSA national conference, which will take place in Los Angeles. 

The primary audience for this event is NAFSA conference attendees who advise students about education abroad.  Previous WIVA poster fairs have attracted over 500 attendees and have featured over 60 presenting organizations.  (See and search using WIVA).

To submit your Poster Session, go to NAFSA’s website:


One thought on “NAFSA Poster Session Deadline is this Friday!

  1. Comment emailed to me by Randy LeGrant of Geovisions/Conversation Corps:
    Our first year, in Montreal, gathered about a hundred people walking through. No leads. Just competitors. And yes, the colleges are competitors.

    Our second year, in Minneapolis, gathered about 30 or so orgs, a few hundred people walking through. No leads. No sales. Again, competitors walking through and getting info.

    Our third year, in DC, gather about 80 orgs and again, a few hundred people walking through. No leads. No sales. But we did have 2 schools stop by who already send students on our programs. And this time also, many, many competitors walking through.

    For LA, we are not participating. It is a waste of money and time. If you do a traditional ROI analysis on the spending (our spending in DC for NAFSA alone was $9000) it is a complete waste of time. You are preaching to the choir. Now, if they allowed all of these orgs panel time or stage time that would be entirely different. But they do not.

    We invested that same $9000 07 expense into personal visits to schools in 08. Our college student pax is up 400% over last year. And our list of “partner” schools is growing by 200%. Not because of the poster fair. Because we took the same investment and put it into personal visitations and relationships. Next week we will ink a formal partnership with a school in CT that will send us 50 kids each summer on highly specialized programs. That would have never happened through the NAFSA poster fair.

    For us, anyway, it is a waste. We will be at NAFSA. We will use the time to meet with our college people who attend. But again, for us, most of our college contacts do not belong to NAFSA.

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