Background Checks

When sending volunteers into developing countries, where often they are working by themselves with children, isn’t it our responsibility to do a background check first?

Even for volunteers who are building but staying in homestays – don’t those families deserve the security of knowing they are not housing a pedophile?

A background check costs about $20, i think its well worth the investment to protect the communities we want to help. Sentry Link offers a national criminal background and sex offender check for $19.95. I’m sure there are a ton of companies that run checks but here’s one site that does so affordably if you’re looking for a place to start.

More best practice thoughts coming soon from Tom Griffiths of, Michelle Gran of Global Volunteers, Neil Patel from Healthcare Volunteers, Sally Brown of Ambassadors for Children and Chris Hill from Hands Up Holidays. If you’d like to share please feel free to email me.


One thought on “Background Checks

  1. Protecting the vulnerable in communities where volunteers go in to serve is a top priority; we at Hands Up Holidays require a police check for all our trips involving potential interaction with children, or for homestays.
    Naturally, the vast majority of volunteers have the best interests of the communities they are volunteering in at heart, but we can never be too careful.

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