Seeking Additional Revenue Streams?

Often in the volunteer vacation world providers (non profits and profits alike) are looking for sources of additional funding, below are a couple options that others have used with success that benefit both the volunteer and the voluntourism company.

  • Partner with a flight provider and earn commission on all flights your participants take. Fly for Good offers humanitarian airfare discounts and will offer the referring voluntourism organization a commission.


  • Partner with a travel insurance carrier, ensure that your clients have a secure trip and have a cancellation policy in case anything comes up. I recommend World Nomads, they donate a portion of the insurance fee to their non-profit arm Footprints, so when volunteers buy insurance they are helping development projects at the same time – its a really nice cycle. Plus they are great to work with and offer a nice commission to help your revenue stream in these uncertain times.

Hope that helps, just a couple of ideas! If you want contact details for either of these organizations just send me a note. Stay tuned early next week for new research on the volunteer market I learned at the Adventure Travel World Summit as well as key industry leaders submitting posts.

Thanks to everyone reading for helping make this blog go from zero to sixty in under a week! I’ll try to only blog once or twice a week so as not to fill your inboxes but enough to still give you posts that are interesting to read.

PS: There is a comment section on the blog, feel free to comment, let’s start getting an industry discussion going.


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