PPC Position Preference

SEO tends to be a challenge for most voluntourism companies, so we often rely on PPC (or AdWords) to give us a presence on Google until our organic rank can catch up.

The question then becomes what position preference brings the most ROI?

There is a theory that position 1 and 2 get all the ‘curiosity clicks’ and that the eye naturally gravitates to the middle of the page so position 4 is often a favorite (and cheaper), and position 8 is where the mouse lingers before scrolling (so don’t rule that out either).

Just some food for thought…


One thought on “PPC Position Preference

  1. When we turned OFF position preference our clicks went up and our leads from those clicks went up. Interestingly, Google recommends not using position preference at all. They recommend investing time to list out your NEGATIVE key words, which knock out all the junk…and they were right. Mercifully we listened to them.

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